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Matcha Doughnuts

August 29, 2016

Recipe Credit: Alison Roman

Once you are on a matcha craze, it’s all about that matcha. I can’t get enough of it! I worked through ice cream, lattes, cookies, cake, and I just can’t stop. Today, I thought I’d tackle matcha doughnuts by Alison Roman, found on twitter at @bonappetit. Be warned, making doughnuts (or donuts as some say!) in and by itself is a lot of work, so be prepared to spend a good amount of time prepping. I made this with my sister, and the two of us split up the work to make things easier. Once the dough was made, rolling and cutting out the shape was a lot of fun, especially when made with a fun companion. When the dough was finished, frying was easy. Ours came out a little more oily than I’d like. Next time, I’d like to try this recipe, but bake the dough before frying to minimize the oil absorption. The consistency of the dough was yum, it was thick and moist, with just a hint of sweetness to compliment the matcha glaze. Thumbs up from my family! The recipe makes a serving of eight, and it was gone the moment we set it down on the table. If you like matcha, I say give it a go and try it yourself.

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