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Matcha Milk Bread Turtles with Chocolate Dutch Crunch by Ful-filled

August 1, 2016

Recipe Credit: Ful-filled

These turtle shaped pastries are as cute as they are delicious. It’s even fun to try with kids! Just make sure the kids actually eat them instead of keeping them as pets.

Bella, the baking genius behind ful-filled, dreamt up this recipe by chance when she opened her Instagram and learned it was #WorldsTurtleDay. She then took to her kitchen to celebrate her love for turtles, matcha and dutch crunch. The results – an irresistibly cute matcha milk bread turtle!

Don’t be intimidated by the list of ingredients and instructions. Once everything is set and prepared, assembling the turtle itself is extremely easy and fun! My eight year old cousin served as a great sous chef, helping me shape the matcha turtle dough bodies before topping it off with a chocolate shell. The baked dutch crunch crackle adds a nice food-photo finish. Do keep a kitchen scale at hand as Bella suggests. It is crucial to measure and size the turtles so that they bake evenly.

Give this recipe a try and let us know how your matcha milk bread turtles turn out!

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