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No-Bake Green Tea Cheesecakes by Good Morning Cali

August 15, 2016

Recipe Credit: Good Morning Cali

I had just come back from Japan, and was dying from green tea deprivation. While I was looking around for easy recipes to do in the middle of the night (munchies~), I stumbled upon a no-bake recipe by Good Morning Cali! I’m in! Simple and easy! No baking required! If you have matcha at home and looking for something easy to try, I really recommend this! After mixing all the ingredients and adding in the matcha I got from Japan, oh my God, it hit the spot. If you want a light hint of matcha, add only a dash of the powder. I prefer a stronger taste, and added a bit more myself. Overall, this was a fun and simple recipe. Delicious too! Yum! Thanks Good Morning Cali for helping a home girl out!

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