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Vanilla Matcha Overnight Oats by Rachl Mansfield

August 17, 2016

Recipe Credit: Rachl Mansfield

When I first think of matcha, I think of Starbucks and tea. A little caffeine, a little antioxidant to start the day right. It never occurred to me you can eat it for breakfast! People who know me, know I love matcha. Match green tea, matcha frappuccino- if it’s green, give it to me. My friend sent me this link by Rachl Mansfield, and I was immediately intrigued. Match and oatmeal? What? But looking over at the recipe, it was so easy, I gave it a shot and whew, I’m so glad I did! It’s part of my everyday routine now! It’s refreshing and healthy, giving me that boost of caffeine I need every morning, all the while being nutritious. Try it. You honestly won’t regret it. Thanks Rachl for the wonderful idea!

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